Monday, August 24, 2009

Report Card

The first quarter of PA school is over, and things are looking good. I got an A in biochemistry. Boom shakalaka. And a B- in anatomy. So you win some and you lose some.
This semester it will be pharmacology, clinical medicine, physical diagnosis, and physiology. I guess I will have to step it up.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Creative Scam

A while back we had a note placed under our windshield wiper that said "if you want to sell your truck, call Alex, 555-555-5555." Here are the questions he asks when you call:
1. What year is it?
2. When can I come look at it?
I have come to find out this is a scam. Other people with older cars have gotten similar notes, and been asked the same questions. If you tell them your car is more than 'x' years old, and you are at work until 'n' o'clock, they can devise when you leave the car alone. I have heard they may come find your car and cut off parts of the exhaust system for some expensive metals they can melt down and sell or use.
On the other hand, they might just really like your bumper stickers or the Garfield in your rear window.