Sunday, November 30, 2008

Surprise Visit

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take a patient up to Bellingham. My brother happened to be available for dinner after we finished business, so I took him to the classiest restaurant in town - Wendy's. I was glad to find things are going well for him and show off my ambulance. My partner was gracious enough to take the picture.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So, in the final moments of today's Jeopardy, on a daily double question, I think Alex Trebek was a little too harsh. The question was something about anthropology, and the person's eyes lit up (because she knew the answer) and she responded something like 'What is orapithidicea' with a big smile. Unfortunately, that wasn't good enough. Alex was looking for Oreopithecidae , which is a specialized hominoid from the Late Miocene of Europe. Ouch! Well, I guess some anthropologist would have been offended if they let that slide, but if Alex told me that wasn't good enough, I would have pulled out a can of clam chowder and thrown it at his head.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Auto Industry Bailout

3 reasons why we should not bail out the auto industry.
1 - It's not the government's responsibility
2 - American cars are inferior
3 - November 19, 2004 the Pacers visiting the Detroit Pistons. Pistons fans escalated a little argument with Ron Artest into a brawl. Everyone in the stadium in Detroit was throwing things at the Pacers as they left the game. Would that happen in any other city? The people of Detroit have no sportsmanship, and need to learn how to accept a big loss.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Price is Right Wins

The data are conclusive - the Price is Right is the greatest game show of all time. Perhaps part of the reason is that, aside from entertainment value, this show can help you live better. It can simplify pricing out daily vitamin supplements or exercise equipment. And of course, each show concludes with a reminder to help control the pet population, which we can all feel good about.

Uno's Pizza

We met up for lunch after the Children's Museum at Uno's. The pizza was pretty good. But spending time with family was even better. I can't wait to go back!

In Motion

We had so much fun in Indiana! These pictures speak for themselves.


One of the games the older kids played was to throw these rubber balls which stick to flat surfaces at the windows. They tried to get them to the top of the window, and came pretty close sometimes.
I asked the kids what their shirts say, and my niece read it to me. I then asked her why some of the letters are backwards and she said "They wanted it to look like a kid wrote it, but I don't write letters backwards."

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Breakfast with the kids

In my recent trip to Indiana, I had a blast with my brother's family. We went to a Pacers game, the largest children's museum in the world, and lots of other fun things. It might take a while to chronicle the whole trip! One morning we had a wholesome breakfast of Chip Mate's Cereal, which is similar to Cookie Crisp. Afterward, the kids wanted to play the game on the back of the box. So we rolled dice and moved mini cookies on the game board. A little while later, we came back to the cereal because my niece had a great idea - take the mini chocolate chips off of the mini cookies, and put them on bran flakes, to create the first ever chocolate chip branflake cereal. My nephew volunteered to eat the chipless mini cookies. I think the chocolate chip branflakes were a big hit!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

An Historic Day

The economy was the biggest concern. That's why we had this tsunami toward the left. At least, that was the bottom line on the National news covering the elections. Well, we certainly will see change. I don't know how the unchecked Democratic majority is going to improve the economic outlook. I also wonder whether our new president will swear to uphold the Constitution, given that his vision for America is quite different from that of our founding fathers. My biggest concern is that we will lose much of our defense funding and be more vulnerable to terrorism. But we made the bed and now we are going to sleep in it.