Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Union Pressure

I got a fat envelope in the mail from Scoundrel Education Association inviting me to join their union. No thanks, but then I realized that even if I refuse they still take my money. "You pay an agency fee to the associations to help defray the expense of providing collective bargaining services that benefit association members and nonmembers alike." Whateva. Whereas union members pay $2.61 per workday, nonmembers pay $2.48 a day. Whateva whateva. I don't want to be part of that kind of scheme. I will keep my hard-earned $0.11!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


If Mary Poppins were practically perfect in every way, she would have a lot in common with the girl pictured to the right. This girl is the sweetest, loveliest, most genuine soul I ever knew. She has a magical voice like the siren's call. Her eyes twinkle like little stars. She is the girl of my dreams come to life. Maybe, if you are lucky, you will meet her some time.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

4th graders

Today was my 3rd consecutive day dealing with 4th graders, from different schools. It has been fun. My Monday class, which behaved the worst of the 3, gave me several notes expressing appreciation. I like working with this age group. I feel at home. Maybe that's because I share their maturity level.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


My sister got her braces off today. She wanted to celebrate with loved ones (one of whom also recently got braces off) at Trotters. (Top) - My sister with braces. (Bottom) - All of us at Trotters. It's great to see her teeth finally liberated after all this time! She is very happy to be through with all that.

I need 100 Grand and I'm not talking about a candy bar

I will be going to a PA school in May and it is going to cost me. Or maybe I should say it is going to cost you! I am going to borrow most of it from the federal government. The better part of 0.1 million dollars coming out of all of our pockets. Eventually I will have to pay it back. But for now it feels like I'm getting my own little bailout. I hope Uncle Sam can afford it.