Friday, March 12, 2010

Update on the metric system

Among readers of this blog, it is decided that we believe the inch/mile/ounce/gallon system is preferred. However, the statistical significance is poor if we want to know the opinion of all Americans. Maybe we should get the census gatherers to ask the same question, and get some more data on this interesting topic.


Ben said...

give 'em a call

funnily, I can't remember which one I voted for. I'm torn because like most Americans, I think about most thinks in our customary units and not in metric, but I'm also sure we could get used to the metric system eventually and when we finally did it would sometimes make life easier. But would it take fifty years, or five? I don't know, and it would be different for different people. A lot of older folks would die before they grew accustomed, and so the last five years of life would just be less pleasing. I'll bet I could feel comfortable within ten years.

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